Why Use Samuel Finance?

The world of finance is evolving towards a more broker driven method of sourcing finance. Approximately 50% of home loans today are financed through a broker. There is no reason why you wouldn’t use a broker when seeking residential property finance. A broker can compare all of the loans in the market, regularly deals with various lenders, can source a better deal for you and provide unbiased advice. All this at no cost to you the client.

The commercial finance market is heading in a similar direction. Whilst many commercial clients are savvy when it comes to commercial banking and finance, they are not always aware of the best deals in the market. Further, price is just one thing to consider in commercial lending. Ability to deliver quickly, industry expertise, credit appetite, willingness to support during times when cash flow is strained and service levels are all factors to be considered when choosing a lender.

Samuel Finance strives to provide a higher level of service than other brokers, delivered with a high level of professionalism that is based on over a decade of banking and broking experience.