Posted on May 10, 2013 · Posted in Finance Blog

Well this  week caught just about all economic commentators by surprise with the RBA cutting rates by 0.25%. They probably shouldn’t have been so surprised given the markets were factoring in a 50/50 chance of a rate reduction.

The cut by the RBA was largely a “because we can” action. The economy grew at approximately trend throughout 2012 and consumer spending has recovered in the March quarter with consumer sentiment above its long-run average. The housing market is showing signs of improvement with auction clearance rates at, or above, their long-run averages and signs of increasing appetite for borrowing for housing. Unemployment increased slightly, however was a factor of growth in workforce participants outstripping growth in job creation rather than a reduction in jobs.

Business confidence and investment remains relatively subdued as the economy gradually transitions away from the mining industry towards non-mining industries such as construction and goods distribution.

There remains a lot of uncertainty as to how this transition will play out.

The RBA’s “because we can” action was a response to lower than expected inflation in the first quarter of 2013 leaving it scope to reduce rates in an effort to further kick along the economy. Well played I say.

It remains an excellent time to invest in property and/or upgrade your home with the property market looking like its bottomed, interest rates at historical lows, rental markets tight and a general undersupply of housing across the country.

The banks are forecasting 3 to 5% growth in the housing market over the next 12 months, however I suggest this may be a conservative estimate.

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