Property Investment Finance

With interest rates at historical lows and yields at relatively high levels following a correction after the Global Financial Crisis, commercial property is a very attractive cash flow generating investment at present. With lending growth being very slow, the banks are all competing for a smaller number of deals in the market, giving rise to opportunities to get very competitive interest rates. The underlying base rate off which banks price (BBSY or BBSW) is also at historical lows along with long term interest rates.

The differential between the interest rate and the rental yield is what generates the net cash flow paid back to the investor. This means a relatively small reduction in interest rate can make a big difference to the cash return. The best way to achieve the most favourable interest rates is through a tender process where a number of lenders are approached to tender their best lending terms. Samuel Finance has relationships with the key property lending organisations and the best property specialists within those organisations and knows the best interest rates that can be achieved. Samuel Finance can undertake the tender process for you, giving you the best possible opportunity to establish a strong commercial property investment.